An Excursion to Banat

If you haven’t heard about Banat, you shouldn’t worry too much. After all, the geography can not be a strong part of everyone, but Banat deserves your attention and time to read the next few lines. There are not many historical areas that are as colorful and diverse as Banat. Currently, this region is divided into three parts, the largest being in Romania, the smaller one in Serbia and a very small part of Banat is between the Hungarian’s borders.

Accordingly, it also means that Banat is a place where you can see parts of different cultures and ethnicities, which makes it a really interesting place. For example, in the Romanian part of Banat the people are divided so 85% of them are Romanians, 5.6% are Hungarians and there are smaller groups of Germans, Serbs and Roma. However, in the Serbian region, there are 71 percent Serbs, 9.5% Slovaks, few Romanians and a few Roma.

Life is colorful and cheerful in Banat and anyone who visits this place will understand it. If you decide to start your excursion through Romania, your first stop may be the largest city in the region – Timisoara. With over 300,000 inhabitants, Timisoara is the region’s major attraction. Many people call this city “Vienna in the Balkans”, which was given to it not accidentally. For a long time, Timisoara was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and this has affected the architecture of the city. In the city you can find everything you would find in a big city of this type like the cathedral and the opera, as well as the lovely little cafes that gather the intellectual elite of the area.

The second stop on your excursion could be the city of Lugoj where you can see the large iron bridge overlooking the River TimiƟ. The river itself divides the city into two parts, which reminds a bit of its great companions on the Danube. Another interesting thing about Lugoj, which can be seen by tourists, is the memorial dedicated to the announcement of Romania’s independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It happened precisely in this city with the collapse of the Empire during the First World War.

The Serbian side of the Banat region offers other interesting places for rest, excursions and photos, but I would tell you about in the second part of this travel guide.

Linz – The past and the future of Austria

If you choose Linz for your holiday or excursion, you would certainly not regret it. Though the city is smaller than Vienna and Salzburg, Linz is no less charming. Moreover, this city is certainly one of the few places in Europe that offers a real mix of historic landmarks and modern architectural masterpieces.

The best example of this is the Linz Opera House, which was opened in 2013. Even more interesting for this building is the fact that most of the funding for its construction was provided directly by the residents of Linz. When we talk about modern and new buildings, the Museum of the Future is also located in Linz. A walk in it would show you things you can hardly ever see elsewhere in Europe. For example, a really stunning 3D walk through the universe.

In order the mix between the future and the past in Linz to be truly complete, the oldest working church in Austria is very close to the museum of the future. It is named after St. Martin and was built in 799. There are also two cathedrals in Linz, to which local people simply say the old and new cathedral. The new one was built in the 20s of the last century and the old one in the second half of the 17th century.

Of course, we wouldn’t be in an Austrian city if are not able to visit a big castle. In Linz, the castle was built at the end of the 9th century and underwent many different changes afterwards. At the moment, the castle is a great museum which is worth visiting, especially if you are a fan of medieval weapons and clothing.

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In general, Linz is certainly a place to visit with the whole family. The city does not offer much nightlife, but it would surely leave you good and pleasant memories of your vacation. Apart from that, you would have lots of possibilities for making great pictures to show to your friends.

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What to See in Bangkok

If you haven’t been to Thailand or even in Asia before, you should definitely prepare yourself for it because everything is different. Even the fact Bangkok is one of the most western cities in Asia and everything there is much closer to the European way of life and yet very different.

You would see that as soon as you land at the airport in Bangkok, which name is so complex, that even if I write it here, you most probably wouldn’t be able to remember it, you would see what Thailand is. You would feel it in the hot air, the great humidity and all worshiping and kind hosts you could see everywhere around you. The kindness to strangers is one of the distinctive features of the Thais and is undoubtedly one of their best qualities.

There is a long road on the highway from the airport to the city, which gives you the opportunity to see how big city is Bangkok. Once you have arrived at the hotel, it is time to choose which of the major attractions you would see first. The top three of your options are the royal palace, the enormous Lumphini Park or the oldest temple in Bangkok Wat Pho. The last option seems to be the most preferable, as you can see hundreds of Buddha statues. Besides, Facebook photos from parks are not that cool as you among hundreds of Buddha statues.

If you visit the royal palace you would see that their king enjoys no less respect than the Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Just as an example, in the local cinemas before each movie a video with some of their king’s messages is broadcasted. Everyone, even foreigners, must stand on their feet while the video is playing. To confess, I have not tried to break this tradition, but most likely the people there would be very angry.

Other interesting attractions in Bangkok are the Meuang Boran Outdoor Museum, the tremendous trekking in the heart of Bangkok where you can find everything, as well as the parks of Saranrom and Santichaiprakan.

Of courser, everyone knows that the nightlife is what makes Bangkok famous around the world. What is happening in the narrow streets of the city and the pleasures it offers is well know. I would only say that I would lose the children’s audience if I do it as well, so I suggest to stop here.

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If you decide to make a holiday in Bangkok, do not hesitate. Thailand is a great country for both private holidays and family vacations and one thing is for sure – You would be fascinated.